Top 5 Reasons to Follow Chad Ochocinco on Twitter

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the kind of player Chad Ochocinco is on the field, at least try following him on twitter for a bit and hear what he has to say when he’s off the field. If you think about it, NFL athletes are constantly under the microscope, are (typically) athletic, and receive pretty cool paychecks. With this of combination of attributes, athletes are basically obligated to live interesting lives. Twitter ends up being the outlet in which we are able to get the scope into the more personal life of that man under the helmet and pads. Chad Ochocinco is entertaining to follow on twitter for many reasons. Here are several of them:

1)    If you’re nice you might win something

2)    If you frequent Ochocinco’s account at the right time you might win something

3)    He expresses how much he truly loves his followers

4)    His filter is basically non-existent

5)    He’s funny (in a smart aleck kind of way)

After watching a hilarious and quotable video of Ochocinco (pardon the offensive language), my interest in the man grew ten fold. But it wasn’t until I saw one of his “gifts” unfold right before my eyes that I really started noticing what kind of dude he was on twitter. It was January 13, 2012 when I looking at my most recent twitter feed and saw Ochocinco respond to a fan named Victor Gonzalez. After a couple of tweets back and fourth, Ochocinco invited Victor up to the next Patriots game to meet, feed, and buy things for this fan he had never met.  I wasn’t sure if Ochocinco was going to follow through with the offer of flying Victor up to the Patriots game, but he did. And I was extremely envious.

What impresses me most about Ochocinco is his simple public relations practice. Twitter is quick, free, and concise and he uses that to his advantage to give back to his fans. His “gifts” to fans can range anywhere from a retweet to his 3.7 million followers to a free dinner. Apparently he even gave away his custom made Lamborghini.

What this amounts to for an athlete is a fan base that appreciates his generosity despite his performance on the field or the team he plays for that year. Whether he knows it or not, Ochocinco is a public relations practitioner. He’s great at showing love to his followers and building relationships that will more than likely last longer than his football career. I’m not the only one who feels this way either, as The Bleacher Report named him to its list of 15 Best NFL Athletes to Follow on Twitter.

Try following Ochocinco on twitter. If you happen to snag a cool prize, tweet me about it. Good luck!

photo by clayjseal on Flickr


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