Empowerment through sports

Few experiences can ignite the seemingly indescribable emotions that sports-lovers discover within themselves when competing, even on the most basic levels.  From first-timers to professional athletes, there is something about sports that keep people coming back. I’m not the only one that appreciates the expression of athletic ability, emotional rollercoaster, feel-good soreness, release of energy, and confidence increase that is gained from playing sports. Athletic apparel companies are in the perfect position to empower people (even the folks that aren’t athletically inclined) through sports. Many companies use this position to leverage its reputation, customer base, trust, brand awareness, and overall tone of their objectives. Companies create this emotional connection with their customers through integrated marketing techniques and phenomenal public relations efforts.

Some of the biggest sports apparel companies have made it to the big stage for a combination of reasons. Besides having quality products, a lot of times you’ll find that those companies are also great at making their customer feel like a million bucks. One of the greatest efforts I’ve seen by a company to empower its customers is Nike. Weiden + Kennedy is Nike’s Ad agency and they are extremely innovative when teaming up with Nike on its efforts.

Let’s start with Nike’s recognized trademark of “JUST DO IT.” Without even researching it, anybody could come up with his or her own general interpretation to still understand the idea that Nike intends to get across. It reminds people to set aside excuses, take the task by the horns, and get the job done. Shirts, bags, billboards, etc. all serve as reminders to get moving and to keep going. The slogan doesn’t target a specific audience nor does it tell the reader what goal to tackle. It’s a versatile, simple, catchy, and awesome slogan.

Nike has made several ads to empower women. The Nike Free Ad features a chick singing while running a horribly long distance to see her significant other. In an effort to remind people of the strides women’s sports have made of the past years, Nike also made a “voices” ad featuring athletes that defied the odds to make their sports dreams come true.

If you look through Nike’s Twitter (there are several accounts that can be followed), you’ll be able to see the inspiring and motivational messages it sends back to customers that have initiated the relationship. On their instagram account, there are numerous pictures that make you want to get outside and run. I’ll leave it to you to check them out to avoid being the spoiler.

These are just a couple of examples of the way Nike is able to tap into various markets with their public relations efforts to ulitamely empower people to go for their dreams. This empowerment movement is on a roll and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Thank you, Nike, for your valiant efforts in making this world a healthier place.



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