About me

The Past:

I was born and raised below the Mason- Dixon line in the good ole state of Virginia. I love the South, College Football, and Lilly Pulitzer.  My love for sports comes from growing up around my two older brothers who introduced me to sports from day 1. According to my parents, my first word was “ball” so I guess I sort of set myself up for being destined to have a knack for sports.  I can’t play an instrument, I only sing in the shower for a reason, learning foreign languages is definitely not one of my strengths, and stick figures are my drawings of choice. Sports, however, come very naturally. I can pick up any sport fairly quickly and my ideal day consists of watching and talking college football all day Saturday in the fall.

Wonderful opportunities of getting my feet wet in different parts of the sports industry have come my way. I’ve worked with the University of Virginia Football Team (Go Hoos), The University of Oregon Baseball Team (Go Ducks), the Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium in Australia, ESPN College GameDay, and a couple of other gigs here and there. Working with these teams and companies were nothing short of awesome experiences.

The Present:

I’m a Public Relations student at the University of Oregon having the time of my life. I love learning (primarily about interesting things) from passionate people. I’ve met some of my best friends through my sorority and various sports teams. Last year I joined Fugue, the women’s ultimate frisbee team here at Oregon. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew the gals were athletic and competitive. I gave it a try and BAM! I was instantly hooked for life.

The Future:

A “job” where I would be surrounded by funny and passionate coworkers, have fun and be challenged every day, feel good about the work that I’m doing, get paid a significant amount of money, located within a 10 minute drive of Chipotle, help the community become empowered through sports, and not have to sit for a significant amount of time (unless its a really comfy chair)…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a job like that actually exists.

Getting married to a super cool guy, having several athletically inclined kids, owning a couple of adorable dogs, and traveling the world are also thrown somewhere in the mix down the road.


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