Step Up To The Plate: Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Photo Credit: NotoriousJEN // Flickr

In response to Hurricane Sandy, several big name organizations have stepped up to help boost relief efforts. Organizations include Radio Shack, Bank of America, Chevrolet, Kellogg’s, and The New York Yankees. If we total the donations soley from the list of the 10 brands that are leading the way in Sandy relief efforts, we come to about $5 million. I find this to be absolutely awesome. These efforts are great examples of how companies step to the plate in times of need. With these moves, organizations not only boost positive associations with the respective brand but will most likely improve its bottom line.
Finding out that the Yankees donated $500,000 to relief efforts through the Red Cross made me want to look into other sports teams and organizations that are also helping the areas that got hurt the most. It’s certainly not anywhere a near complete list, but here’s what I found:- The Seahawks and Sounders of CenturyLink field collected donations at the respective games this weekend.
– An NHL charity game will be played on Nov. 10 to benefit Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University as well as Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The game will be played in Franklin, Tenn. and will be between a mixture of people associated with the Predators and Blues.
– Mavericks owner Mark Cuban pledged to donate $1 million to relief efforts.
– The NFL, NBA, and MLB as well as their respective players’ unions, each gave $1 million to the various relief efforts
Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat pledged about $210,000, the amount of money that is equivalent to his game check for the matchup against the Knicks on Friday.

Photo Credit: StudioGabe // Gabriel Li // Flickr

Most of these organizations and folks have a comfortable amount of money, and what better way to use it then to help your country clean up hurricane destruction around the tri- state area on the east coast. New York City hosts a plethora of teams and organizations throughout the year, so it comes at no surprise that there is little hesitation in donating to the area. Hurricane Sandy may have left the east coast a mess, but I find it quite refreshing to see people with the available funds to help clean it up.