Christmas Day Preview: NBA

Advertisements for the NBA matchups on Christmas Day have commenced. I’m not the most dedicated fan of the NBA teams, but I do watch a good number of the league’s games each year. A lot of times its the commercials that the NBA produces that convinces me to tune in to watch a least a little bit of the advertised game. The sheer athleticism of the massive bodies defying gravity are entertaining in itself and are a good enough reason for anyone to take a gander.

Every year I make an attempt to watch the games while opening presents on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, my grandmother doesn’t understand my interest in the NBA and proceeds to nonchalantly turn off the television and tune into efforts of unifying the family. While commonly seen as just another Christmas morning distraction, the NBA is, in a way, an organization that attempts to bring together its audience.

Photo Credit: google images // LAUNFD

This year, Adidas has teamed up with some of the NBA’s biggest players to create a commercial advertising the Christmas Day games as well as the uniforms that the teams will be sporting. Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, and Joe Johnson are featured as they bounce basketballs to their own rendition of “Carol of The Bells.” The commercial blends the sounds of Christmas, the visuals of the new uniforms, and the experience of great NBA players to make an all-encompassing exposure for viewers.

Not only does the league get fans excited for the 65th annual tradition of playing games on Christmas Day, but the commercial advertises the uniforms that the fans can purchase. The various aspects used in the advertisement to draw in the viewer are simple and recognizable. Even if you don’t know who each of the players are, you can still connect to the commercial as it plays to a recognizable tune. The unique advertisement reaches out to even the people that are not educated about the NBA or its players.  The targeted viewers are connected through both their passion for basketball and the love for the popular holiday. The colors and tunes by themselves suggest that the jerseys and/or a ticket would make for a good Christmas present to an NBA fan.

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Overall, the push is a smart one. The NBA is engaging fans by tapping into different senses. The commercial is unusual in the sense that the athletically inclined players attempt to be musically inclined. The crossover of talents is just one other way for the league to continue to prove, in one interesting way or another, that the NBA is “where amazing happens.”